Recommendation: “The Black Monday Murders”, by Jonathan Hickman


In the Mormon temple ceremony, Satan is explicitly linked to capitalism, and money is the means by which Satan “rules with blood and horror.” Jonathan Hickman is not a Mormon and Mammon is more an ancient god than a Christian demon, but the underlying theme remains: black magic requires human sacrifice, and capitalism with all its excesses is the means by which this is carried out in the modern day, with the occasional detour into sacrifices of the more conventional kind (early in the first issue, we find out that the bankers and brokers who supposedly committed jumped out of windows during the Wall Street Crash of 1929 did not commit suicide, but were thrown out to keep the magical consequences of the crash from hitting the people at the very top). Continue reading


“Do One Times Six,” & Getting Stuff Done

This is probably a record for “longest hiatus” on any of the blogs that I’ve managed, and I’m afraid that I don’t have a tremendous amount of stuff to show for it. Rather than bother with a “Many, many months in review” section where I discuss in detail where I’ve fallen short, let’s get going with something that might be halfway useful for someone.  Continue reading

8 thoughts on brainstorming (plus: January in review)

People have different creative processes, but here are a few things that you may want to keep in mind regarding generating ideas.

1. Just like you should set aside time to write, you should set aside time to brainstorm. This is most pertinent to people who, like me, are working on a number of projects and have a pipeline that needs to be maintained. It will be easier for you to work steadily on both aspects of the creative process rather than in spurts and stops.

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Goals for 2018

This is everything that I want to accomplish in the coming year (at least in a production sense). It’s on the heavy side, but I’ve estimated the writing output necessary to achieve these goals, and it’s only a little higher than what I achieved in 2016 haha I forgot about Heroes Save the World when I did that, so it’s actually a little more than I expected.

Oh well. Let’s shoot for the stars anyway. Continue reading

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going: A Review of 2017

I could die today. That isn’t likely, mind you. I’m not anticipating anything. Still, though, it’s a possibility that’s hard not to think about—when I cross the street, check my bank account, get mixed up by Google Maps and accidentally cross through the bad part of town at night, or use the escalator.

Especially when I use the escalator. Continue reading

The Wrong Ship

“The Wrong Ship” is a 1,600 word short story about a programmer on the run from the authorities, who winds up stowing away on, you guessed it, the wrong spaceship. It features an artificial intelligence named Charlie, one 1980s film reference, and a stunning lack of helpfulness from the laws of physics.

It was released to the Creative Commons with an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license after being funded on Kickstarter. You can download a PDF copy for free at DriveThruFiction, and get some nice art with it too.  Continue reading