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On Writing Scientific Papers

A long time ago, I read some articles on how to write a good scientific paper. This is a synthesis of those notes, presented in a better format than my old “bullet point of quotations” style from years ago. Keep in mind that this research was made for the purpose of writing fiction which feels like an authentic imitation of a scientific paper, and I do not necessarily advise writing an actual scientific paper based purely on what I have presented below.

The content of this post was drawn from:

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Regarding “Saber Smiths”

This was originally posted elsewhere, in December 2015. 

There are people (and companies) called “saber smiths” or “saber techs” (spaces optional), who make lightsabers. Most of the high-end sabers I’ve seen are $700-$900. There are more and less expensive variants. Sabertechs don’t sell film replica lightsabers (or at least they usually don’t) but are apparently skirting a fine copyright line anyway. The best blades are capable of displaying any color and can stand up under “heavy dueling, even against kendo bokkens.” However, one redditor advised against sound if you want to duel, because it is “just one more thing to break.”

Build logs are common among individual saber smith. Most of the company-level rivalry seems to be between Ultrasaber and Saberforge (which has a “custom saber showroom” in Oregon Cit). Most sabertechs, self-employed or otherwise, seem to be based in the United States.

Belt clips cost extra (e.g. $10-12). Sabers come with a plug meant to protect the LED in the hilt when the blade is removed (as when the hilt is resting on a stand, which sometimes comes with the hilt and sometimes costs extra).

Sabers are almost always build to order. 3-4 months may elapse between deposit (e.g. 30% of total cost, nonrefundable) and shipping, which may take 2-3 business days (U.S. domestic) or 5-10 business days (international).

As an example of the independent saber smith, Genesis Custom Sabers offers the Genesis Elite Custom Lightsaber, which starts at $1,500, with custom powder coating, custom-made LED bar graphs, easy removal of the saber’s bottom for access to the Micro SD card, and premium speakers. A “Genesis Elite Saber with Crystal Focus sound” costs $550 for parts, $500 for labor (most sabers take 2-4 weeks of 8-hour workdays), and $450 for design/art. Acid etching can add another $200-500, and 16GB flash drive holocrons sell for $200-260. Upgrades and repairs are performed only on GCS sabers and cost $55/hour, plus parts prices with a markup for shipping.