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The Cutting-Room Floor of “Super Change World”

[The original version of this post is from Tumblr, as a series of posts on my worldbuilding project, “Super Change World,” and is being posted here because of its relevance to worldbuilding in general.]

Not every idea that I have for Super Change World makes it into the final version, of course. Even the stuff that I’m posting here is subject to revision, especially in the details, and some things stuck around for quite a long time before I got rid of them. I want to talk about two of the things I’ve removed, why I removed them, and the lessons that you can take for your own projects.

I also want to say, since we’re talking about ideas which, by definition, I’m no longer using, that everything with a “Super Change World” or “SCW”-type tag is in the Creative Commons unless otherwise noted. A lot of things that I write about won’t be applicable to your project, but if you think that something I’ve written about looks real shiny and you want to take it, then please do so. This notice, or one like it, will appear periodically, but do not take its absence to mean that I’ve changed my mind.

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“Do One Times Six,” & Getting Stuff Done

This is probably a record for “longest hiatus” on any of the blogs that I’ve managed, and I’m afraid that I don’t have a tremendous amount of stuff to show for it. Rather than bother with a “Many, many months in review” section where I discuss in detail where I’ve fallen short, let’s get going with something that might be halfway useful for someone.  Continue reading

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going: A Review of 2017

I could die today. That isn’t likely, mind you. I’m not anticipating anything. Still, though, it’s a possibility that’s hard not to think about—when I cross the street, check my bank account, get mixed up by Google Maps and accidentally cross through the bad part of town at night, or use the escalator.

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