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Recommendation: “The Promised Neverland”, by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu


Dark Fantasy / Thriller

It’s best to go into this story cold if you can, but I’ll give you the situation as our protagonists initially understand it: Grace Field House is home to 38 orphans, including our eleven-year-old protagonist, Emma. Their caretaker is kind and loves them, the estate is full of trees and flowers, and they want for nothing. It’s a good life, even accounting for peculiarities like the daily exams, the high stone wall that surrounds Grace Field, and the identification numbers on their necks… Continue reading

Recommendation: “The Black Monday Murders”, by Jonathan Hickman




In the Mormon temple ceremony, Satan is explicitly linked to capitalism, and money is the means by which Satan “rules with blood and horror.” Jonathan Hickman is not a Mormon and Mammon is more an ancient god than a Christian demon, but the underlying theme remains: black magic requires human sacrifice, and capitalism with all its excesses is the means by which this is carried out in the modern day, with the occasional detour into sacrifices of the more conventional kind (early in the first issue, we find out that the bankers and brokers who supposedly committed jumped out of windows during the Wall Street Crash of 1929 did not commit suicide, but were thrown out to keep the magical consequences of the crash from hitting the people at the very top). Continue reading