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Call for Submissions — MOON: The Book of Lunar Horror

Deadline: February 28th, 2022.

Payment: $10 per story, in exchange for nonexclusive publishing rights. 

Theme: “Lunar horror and isolation.” See below for details. 

Word count: 2,000 to 5,000 words. This is very flexible, especially for longer stories, but please get in touch before sending something smaller or larger. 

Reprints: Yes! Please, for the love of God, send me reprints. $10 is just a token payment, and I know it. 

Simultaneous submissions: Yes. 

Multiple submissions: Yes—limit of 2 per author. 

“MOON: The Book of Lunar Horror” is going to be a bit of an art project, really. In addition to stories, I’m going to be looking for art and poetry (separately from this submissions call), working with neural nets, and trying to do some interesting things with the format and layout. 

I am working on a tight budget here, so reprints are completely acceptable. 


The theme for this anthology is “lunar horror and isolation.” 

What that means is flexible: “a team of scientists on the moon discovers something terrible” is as viable as “survivalist cult living in the backcountry, haunted by some monstrosity which comes out only in the moonlight” or “big city shut-in who is tormented by visions of the moon.” 

I am especially interested in Eugene Thacker’s contrast between “the world as humans interpret it” and “the world as it is, beyond human needs and human understanding,” and cosmic pessimism in general. I have a short primer on Eugene Thacker here, if that’s up your alley, but other approaches to the theme are equally valid

If your story doesn’t currently fit the theme, but you think that you can revise the story and introduce the necessary elements, then send it in anyway, with a note about your willingness to revise it. I can offer assistance if necessary. 

Content requirements: 

  1. Submissions must not violate U.S. copyright law. 
  2. Reprints are fine. Please, send me reprints. Stuff that’s never been published before is also fine, but think about whether you could get it published elsewhere for more $$$. Those first-print rights are valuable! 
  3. Simultaneous submissions are permissible, but please let me know if your story becomes ineligible for the anthology after you submit it. 

Submissions close on February 28th, 2022. 

Please send submissions to, with “MOON SUBMISSION – [STORY TITLE] ” in the subject line. Please attach your submission as a file in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .rtf format.

If in doubt regarding the style of your submission, you will not be led astray by William Shunn’s Proper Manuscript Format guide

Already Dead

“Already Dead” is a 1,500 word short story about two people on a broken spaceship, each arguing that the other should take the ship’s last functional escape pod. It features arguments about and between loved ones, a conversation about responsibility, and one ongoing countdown to catastrophic failure.

It was released to the Creative Commons with an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license after being funded on Kickstarter. Continue reading

The Wrong Ship

“The Wrong Ship” is a 1,600 word short story about a programmer on the run from the authorities, who winds up stowing away on, you guessed it, the wrong spaceship. It features an artificial intelligence named Charlie, one 1980s film reference, and a stunning lack of helpfulness from the laws of physics.

It was released to the Creative Commons with an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license after being funded on Kickstarter. You can download a PDF copy for free at DriveThruFiction, and get some nice art with it too.  Continue reading