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The “Cube” Trilogy: One Recommendation & Two Anti-Recommendations

I finished watching Cube for the first time in twenty years or so.

The short version: Strangers wake up in a collection of interconnected cubes. Some of the rooms have secret traps and will kill you when you pass through. Nobody knows why or how they ended up here, or how to get out.

Rating: ★★☆

Things I really liked about Cube:

  • how the film started out with A Dude in a Cube, with no explanation of how or why he’s there
  • people talking about why the Cube was built, and the ultimate conclusion (from a different guy who worked on it) that the Cube just exists, as a “perpetual works project” whose purpose was forgotten, and that it is being used because it’s there and not using it would be to admit that its construction was effectively pointless
  • the minimalism of each cube-room (something I didn’t know until a few years ago: the film takes place in a big cube composed of smaller cubes because they didn’t have a big enough budget to make more than a single room)
  • the vastness of the Cube itself, as an object composed of all the other cube-rooms

Cube has big “corporate Lovecraftian” vibes, in terms of this big huge cube-construct that exists because it can, like the brainchild of Azathoth in bureaucratic form. Ligotti, eat your heart out.

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They’re Made Out of Short Film Adaptations: A “Made Out of Meat” Masterlist

“They’re Made Out of Meat”, by Terry Bisson, is a 1991 science fiction story about first contact with a truly alien civilization. If you haven’t read it already, then check it out here. It’ll take just two or three minutes.

Because it’s limited to a dialogue between two characters, “They’re Made Out of Meat” has gotten numerous film and audio adaptations (like this Studio 360 version). This post compiles every single film adaptation, from “the film student one” to “the one that’s in Russian” to “the one that hurts your ears and should not be listened to.” If you know of any others, please let me know so that I can add them.


They’re Made Out of Meat, by Alexander S. Peak.

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