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On Writing Scientific Papers

A long time ago, I read some articles on how to write a good scientific paper. This is a synthesis of those notes, presented in a better format than my old “bullet point of quotations” style from years ago. Keep in mind that this research was made for the purpose of writing fiction which feels like an authentic imitation of a scientific paper, and I do not necessarily advise writing an actual scientific paper based purely on what I have presented below.

The content of this post was drawn from:

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The Cutting-Room Floor of “Super Change World”

[The original version of this post is from Tumblr, as a series of posts on my worldbuilding project, “Super Change World,” and is being posted here because of its relevance to worldbuilding in general.]

Not every idea that I have for Super Change World makes it into the final version, of course. Even the stuff that I’m posting here is subject to revision, especially in the details, and some things stuck around for quite a long time before I got rid of them. I want to talk about two of the things I’ve removed, why I removed them, and the lessons that you can take for your own projects.

I also want to say, since we’re talking about ideas which, by definition, I’m no longer using, that everything with a “Super Change World” or “SCW”-type tag is in the Creative Commons unless otherwise noted. A lot of things that I write about won’t be applicable to your project, but if you think that something I’ve written about looks real shiny and you want to take it, then please do so. This notice, or one like it, will appear periodically, but do not take its absence to mean that I’ve changed my mind.

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8 thoughts on brainstorming (plus: January in review)

People have different creative processes, but here are a few things that you may want to keep in mind regarding generating ideas.

1. Just like you should set aside time to write, you should set aside time to brainstorm. This is most pertinent to people who, like me, are working on a number of projects and have a pipeline that needs to be maintained. It will be easier for you to work steadily on both aspects of the creative process rather than in spurts and stops.

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