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Recommendation: “Potter Who and the Wossname’s Thingummy” by ForestUUID

Author’s summary: No TARDIS, no screwdriver, and no memory — on the plus side, an owl and a wand! May or may not be AU. “It’s all in the mind, you know.”

There are only a few Harry Potter / Doctor Who crossovers, so it’s a small thing to say, “This is the best of the lot.” It may mean more to say, “This is the best Doctor Who crossover of any fandom, of those I have read.” It may mean very little to say, “This is better than some Doctor Who episodes,” because of them are terrible, but I will say that anyway. This is better than some Doctor Who episodes. 

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“AU Tom Riddle” Collection

I have a series of AU Tom Riddle fanfics on Archive of Our Own, and I used to maintain a collection of AU Tom Riddles by other authors in the description. AO3 reduced the character limit at some point, so not only can I not add stories, I can’t even edit the description now without having to remove some. Because some of the stories in my list aren’t on AO3, I’m just going to move the list over here and link to it. Continue reading