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“Do One Times Six,” & Getting Stuff Done

This is probably a record for “longest hiatus” on any of the blogs that I’ve managed, and I’m afraid that I don’t have a tremendous amount of stuff to show for it. Rather than bother with a “Many, many months in review” section where I discuss in detail where I’ve fallen short, let’s get going with something that might be halfway useful for someone.  Continue reading

Goals for 2018

This is everything that I want to accomplish in the coming year (at least in a production sense). It’s on the heavy side, but I’ve estimated the writing output necessary to achieve these goals, and it’s only a little higher than what I achieved in 2016 haha I forgot about Heroes Save the World when I did that, so it’s actually a little more than I expected.

Oh well. Let’s shoot for the stars anyway. Continue reading

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going: A Review of 2017

I could die today. That isn’t likely, mind you. I’m not anticipating anything. Still, though, it’s a possibility that’s hard not to think about—when I cross the street, check my bank account, get mixed up by Google Maps and accidentally cross through the bad part of town at night, or use the escalator.

Especially when I use the escalator. Continue reading