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BargCo’s Big Tour: Campaign Overview

This campaign’s settings and rules are highly derived from the Survival Paradigm posts on A Blasted, Cratered Land.


The Kaiju

Everything changed when the kaiju attacked. Even today, scientists don’t have a clue where they came from or why they’re here. They shouldn’t even be able to live, let alone move, but that’s colossobiology for you. The important thing is that they came, they attacked, and even though their activity seems to fluctuate in accordance with some years-long cycle, they’re still here and still attacking, and only the most cutting-edge technology can do anything about them.

Some countries responded to the kaiju threat by fielding vast national armies of mechs. The United States chose to throw the gig economy at them instead, because of course it did. There’s no “Grand Mechanical Army” like they’ve got in Europe, no “Volunteer Self-Defense Force” like in Japan, just a bunch of poor saps who gotta hope that they make enough cash from this week’s kill to cover the wear-and-tear and their medical expenses.

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