Commission Me: Editing, Writing, & Worldbuilding

I build worlds and write stories. Contact me at if you’re interested.


I edit both fiction and nonfiction. Industry standard is 250 words, which usually comes out to 1 page in size 12, double-spaced font. I charge three different rates, depending on the exact service requested.

  • $1.50 per 250 words for basic proofreading, which includes fixing grammar, spelling, and other technical issues, and ensuring that everything “reads right” and makes sense.
  • $5 per 250 words for line editing, which includes proofreading but also structural suggestions (e.g. “consider phrasing things in this way instead of that way”).
  • $7.50 per 250 words for developmental editing, which includes proofreading and line editing but also more comprehensive feedback (e.g. “I’m not sure what’s going on with this character” or “This plot development comes a little bit out of nowhere, here’s how you could foreshadow it more strongly”).

For long projects (3,000+ words), I will happily provide a sample and edit up to 250 words for free.


I will write in just about any genre. Tell me what you’re looking for (including word count). I’ll pitch some ideas to you (if what you’re looking for isn’t already well-defined), and then write a story for you.

I charge $6 per 500 words, or $4 per 500 words if you allow me to attach a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license to it. This puts me at just about minimum wage, as with the rate for worldbuilding.

We will settle on the minimum word count before I accept payment. If I really like the story and it runs away from me then it might be longer, but this is a bonus that I won’t charge you for.

Novels are a different beast from short stories, so I am currently unlikely to accept commissions of more than 4,000 words. If you’d like something longer then you can still talk to me about it, but I will probably only accept if I can break it up into more or less self-contained pieces. I don’t want to get 80,000 words into a story only to find that it isn’t going to hold together in the end (and, probably, neither do you).

Samples of previous work:

  • “Already Dead,” a 1,500 word short story about two people on a broken spaceship, each arguing that the other should take the ship’s last functional escape pod. It features arguments about and between loved ones, a conversation about responsibility, and one ongoing countdown to catastrophic failure.
  • “The Wrong Ship,” a 1,600 word short story about a programmer on the run from the authorities, who winds up stowing away on, you guessed it, the wrong spaceship. It features an artificial intelligence named Charlie, one 1980s film reference, and a stunning lack of helpfulness from the laws of physics.


Give me the specifications (what kind of world this is supposed to fit into, etc.) and I will create a detailed culture or even an entire world for you. If you’d like to see some of my previous work, then you can pick up a free copy of Strange Nations here.

I charge $6.75/page, or $5.00/page if you allow me to attach a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license to it. This puts me at just about minimum wage, so I’m afraid that I can’t charge less.


I typically require payment in two installments: half upon accepting the job (or after you’ve accepted a pitch, if you’re commissioning a story) and half upon completion. Payment for long projects can be broken up into more installments.

I accept only PayPal.

This is “for-hire” work, so you own it and can do what you’d like with the result. I reserve the right to claim authorship and include it in my portfolio, but if you would prefer that I not do this then we can talk about that.