Wizard School: Electric Wizard

Make a shocking impression.

Electric Wizards are all the rage in Buckeye, where mad alchemy is the order of the day.

Perk: You may allow any other person to use your first cantrip, as well as any spell whose range is “touch” or whose target is “self,” as long as you are in physical contact with each other or the same conductive material. If they have MD, then they may use their own MD; otherwise, you must let them use yours.

Drawback: You must brandish your spell focus to cast spells. It costs 50g to replace.

Spell Focuses
1Two amber rods4Tinfoil hat
2Dried cat on a stick5Tame but useless legged electric eel
3Clay pot w/ copper, iron rods6Neon sitar


  1. You may touch a creature to deal 1 lightning damage to it. Touching an unwilling creature requires a to-hit roll against their unarmored Defense.
  2. At all times, you know the vague direction of magnetic north.
  3. You can choose to be as conductive as gold, as insulating as glass, or anywhere in between, and change this on your turn. The damage you take from electricity is unaffected.

Electric Wizard Spell List

1Fulminatory Insult7Electric Visions
2Thunderous Retort8Right-hand Rule
3Yakob’s Ladder9Shocking Blow
4Patented Electric Mood Restorer10Shocking Restart
5Incapacitating Grip11I Singe the Body Electric
6Rubberize12Ride the Lightning


1MD only return to your pool on a 1 or 2 for 24 hours.
2Lose 1 permanent Flesh and take 1d4 lightning damage. Your hair may stand on end.
3Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save vs Mutation. Permanent if you fail.
4Dance and twitch for 1d6 rounds, taking no other action.
5Induction. One random item in your Inventory is destroyed.
6Unable to speak in anything less than a hearty shout for 24 hours.


1Permanently magnetic. Cannot wield metal weapons or carry more than 1 metal item.
2Take 4d4 lightning damage. All creatures within 20 ft. must Save or take 1d4 lightning damage.
3Each hour you are outside and exposed to the sky, there is a 1-in-6 chance you will be struck by lightning (effects are the same as your Second Doom). Buildings conceal you, clothing does not.

Spell List

Fulminatory Insult

R: touch T: metal object D: 0

You telemagnetically accelerate a metal object no bigger than 5 lbs. With a to-hit roll, you can inflict [sum]+[dice] damage on a target by launching it at them.

Thunderous Retort

R: self T: self D: [dice] minutes

You surround yourself with electromagnetic fields that repel all ferrous metals. No one with an iron weapon can strike you, arrows fly off course, and if you fall onto a metal surface, reduce the fall damage you take by [dice]d6.

Yakob’s Ladder

R: 20 ft. T: point D: [sum] rounds

You create a humming electrical ladder [dice]*20 ft. long and 2 ft. wide. The ladder is a semi-solid barrier. Climbing it is not dangerous, but running through it deals 1d6 damage. The ladder can support the weight of a person but not a vehicle.

Patented Electric Mood Restorer

R: touch T: creature D: 0

You deal 1 lightning damage to the touched creature, which gets a new Save against all ongoing curses or mind-altering effects, and may restore their emotional state.

Incapacitating Grip

R: self T: self D: [dice] minutes

Electricity runs through your hands. Anyone you touch takes [dice] damage and must a Flesh Save to do anything other than thrash about. Touching an unwlling creature may require a to-hit roll.


R: 0 T: self D: [sum] rounds

You coat a creature in a thick rubber skin. They are immune to lightning and acid damage, and take 1/2 fall or bludgeoning damage.

This does not affect lightning damage from your Mishaps and Dooms.

Electric Visions

R: touch T: sighted creature D: [sum] minutes / permanent

If you invest one [die]: Target can see the electrical body-hum of living things, even if invisible. Target can see through illusions. Target can see operational electrical devices or high-powered equipment, even through walls.

If you invest two or more [dice]: As above, except you can also see through magical darkness. There are also some permanent effects: (a) you can forever see invisible creatures as a flickering electric skeleton; (b) you can tell if someone else is possessed or has been raised from the dead by looking them in the eyes, and (c) you can tell if an electrical machine is malfunctioning or cursed by looking at it. You suffer a permanent loss of 1d6 Wisdom (as you keep staring at things that aren’t really there) or 1d6 Charisma (as you keep sharing eerie insights).

Other people cannot benefit from from the 2+ dice effect, even with the use of your Perk.

Right-hand Rule

R: 0 T: self D: 0

Make a strange gesture with your right hand. You fly up to [dice]x100 ft. in a straight line in the direction your thumb points, while spinning in the direction of your curled fingers.

You cannot drill through solid materials, but you may be able to push dirt out of the way. You take normal fall damage. You may need to make a chaotic Dexterity roll to land safely. If you collide with anyone, they take [sum] damage and you take 1/2 [sum] damage.

Shocking Blow

R: touch T: self D: one action

Make a melee attack with a metal weapon or with your fist. On a hit, the target takes [dice] lightning damage plus normal melee damage.

Shocking Restart

R: touch T: creature with at least 1 Fatal Wound D: 0

Slap your hands (or paddles) on the chest of a fallen creature. Roll 1d6. The target:

1 – 2Gains [dice] Fatal Wounds
3 – 4Removes [dice] Fatal Wounds
5 – 6Removes [sum] Fatal Wounds

This spell does not restore HP.

I Singe the Body Electric

R: 0 T: self D: [sum] rounds

You generate a strong electric current, which arcs from your fingers, toes, and hair, making you glow as brightly as a torch. All creatures within [dice]x10 ft. take [dice] lightning damage per round. Any creature that hits you with a successful melee attack also takes [sum] damage.

Ride the Lightning

R: [dice]*1 mile T: self D: 0

You teleport in a flash of lightning, instantly appearing at any point within range. Both your origin and destination must be visible to the sky or connected by a sufficiently conductive item (wire, pipe, etc.). Upon arrival, you deal 1d12 lightning damage to all adjacent creatures. For each [dice] you invest past the first, you may bring 1 additional touched target with you when you teleport.


The Electric Wizard is mostly a combination of the Electric Wizard and the Electromancer.


I Singe the Body Electric feels like it ought to be a sort of capstone, but is too weak for that, so I bumped it up. The Electric Wizard is fairly cannon-ish but also has some utility spells and, what’s more, can share those spells with other people (at last, non-wizards can benefit from wearing magic robes!).

Most of the Electric Wizard’s spells are “touch” or “self,” so I could have gotten away with “all spells except Yakob’s Ladder” in the Perk, but I wanted to leave it open for the possibility that the Electric Wizard might get spells from outside their school.

Hm. Now that I framed things like that, I’m a little tempted to get rid of Yakob’s Ladder in favor of something else that’s touch and/or self…


The Electric Wizard has mostly been playtested, but I’ve changed the perk and beefed up I Singe the Body Electric since then.

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