GLOG Mech & Kaiju Posts directory

At some point I’m going to run a Neon GLOGesis Evangelion game. When the time comes to buckle down and finish the rules, I want everything to be in a tidy place for easy reference. I’m drawing mostly on the mechanics from A Blasted, Cratered Land, but all of these posts are worth going through if you plan to run GLOG mechs.

Articorpus Suprultima: magical mecha and moreWords for Yellow – Fluff. Crew, and crew actions. Damage. Examples.

EzcocotliOblidisideryptch – Fluff. Crew. Mech stats. Mech scaling. Example mechs.

Fighting MachinesBastionland – Mech stats. Damage effects. Example mechs. Example equipment. Example of play.

Giant Robots Deserve Giant MonstersA Blasted, Cratered Land – Fluff. Pay for mech pilots. Kaiju size/power categories, action economy, ability scores. damage. Mech scaling. Random table (name, capabilities, best stat, monstrous ability, elemental ability, weird ability, target area modifiers).

Having Mechs on the First DateA Blasted, Cratered Land – Mech pilot class. Mech systems, weapons, paint job.

Kaiju in the Survival ParadigmA Blasted, Cratered Land – Fluff. Battlefield setup. Kaiju range. Initiative. How to hit. Kaiju abilities + HP, wounds table, action economy. attacks. Which abilities a Kaiju has, and which of those the mech pilots know about. Evacuation table. Response force attack table. Sector zone types. Random table for what happens if the kaiju wins. Mass casualty table.

Kaiju? I Barely Know You!A Distant Chime – Kaiju HP, HP recovery. Mech-scale damage. Kaiju as PCs. Kaiju class. Random tables for appearance, origin, power source, ability, desire.

Mecha Rules Nuclear Haruspex – Stats. Death and dismemberment of mechs.

Mechs in the Survival ParadigmA Blasted, Cratered Land – Fluff. Types of tests/rolls. Pilot action economy. Combat. Construction points. Mech core types. Random table (damage to reactor). Weapons, with tables for weapon types and weapon modifications. System upgrades for chassis, engines, eschaton core, reactor, sensors, support.

Nephilim? I Hardly Know ‘im!Whose Measure God Could Not Take – Nephilim (or Kaiju) PC class.

Space Wave Bossa NovaHex Culture – Fluff. Checks. Tags. Combat rolls. Damage effects. Character creation, including weapons, armor, cores, special abilities, encumbrance, mech name.

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