Gloggy Portmanteaus

From the OSR Discord a few days ago. Preserved for posterity.

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  • AETLENGASH – a severe abrasion caused by the skin of a basilisk
  • AIGRE, a sudden tide of blood or other bodily fluids
  • ALGETETIC, someone who insists on asking painful questions
  • ANTEDENTATE, possessing trapping-teeth in the throat but no biting-teeth in the jaws

  • BRAISEMBRAICHE A type of dwarven cooking that uses no flame, only hot metal spikes. The finished meal is traditionally delivered to the table with a small catapult called a TUCK DRANDY.
  • BURGUM is any deformity or amputation that makes you more attractive. Like a beauty mark.
  • CHIRUZARD – a type of lizard which takes great pleasure in dissecting its prey
  • CURES, (pronounced kyuris,) an omen that is interpreted differently by different people, in modern usage a hidden message which is not understood
  • DEEKENOW, an expletive you holler when you’ve seen something you didn’t want to see
  • DEFLENSESTRATION when you jump or are pushed through a window and are sliced up by shards of broken glass.
  • DELPHITACENCY, the silence of the g_ds through their prophets when an event is too important to meddle with
  • DEUS EX PARABOLA When the story is unexpectedly ended by something heavy falling on one of the main characters, and killing them
  • EARENTHINE – wearing a bejeweled crown or tiara
  • EBEWITHE, a tree from the Blazing North whose wood has astonishing properties of shock-absorption. prized for tool handles, cart axles, various magic tricks.
  • ENCRUPAS, any poison taken to dull emotions, fear, or pain.
  • ENNOCASTER, someone who is, technically, not a criminal yet
  • ENTELD, to sever by tightly drawing a chain
  • FIELTE – fucked if I know, but people pray to it for some reason
  • FLABRICANT A 14th century substance used to make wool edible. Mildly poisonous.
  • FLINTHOL – a strange liquor including powdered chert. People swear it tastes great but it gradually abrades your insides.
  • GLEFFENDIUM An elf’s flatus.
  • HENTLING, an insult for someone who frequently drops things (or a euphemism for DTing)
  • HIRCODAMIST, a goblin in charge of the tribe’s war-goats
  • HISPITERGAL, having spines running down the back (vz. a dragon, a gorgodilium, a dolphin)
  • HOBTHEGOSY, pretending to be a clown and then smiling really wide and your teeth are sharp and scary, then you bite their face off
  • HORBUSCADE Accidentally seeing your parents having sex.
  • HOYDELF, a female adventurer
  • HWYLIGONE, perfect in every respect
  • LACHASTIC, a monk who spends so long in meditation that, when he starves to death, his body vanishes
  • LOBSTRUCTION When the road is blocked by crustaceans.
  • LURRISH is a drug but it is also a pastry made from mice and black currents.
  • MEMNARCHY Rulership by memes, but only memes your mom laughs at.
  • MICTURAUM When you have to take a break from pissing, in the middle of pissing.
  • MOILZIE, a stipulation in a will which is deliberately difficult to accomplish
  • MICTURAUM When you have to take a break from pissing, in the middle of pissing.
  • MINUENDIURNE, the useless first half of the day before the important event you scheduled at 2 for some reason
  • MIRIDORASM, the act of sacrificing your life by jumping onto an enemy from a great height and shattering the both of you
  • MISHANDULATE When you do that thing with the car door handle.
  • MOIRELALIA, the babbling of a grieving relative or friend
  • MOTHAXRY, those who ride illegitimate sons into battle
  • MUSCUARY is the smell of burning goblins.
  • NORWAY, an intersection where one branch can only be accessed going into the intersection. A popular wors among dungeoneers
  • PARTHEPELAGIC is an ocean which clones itself
  • PERENTHEN – going to sleep three hours after you intended to
  • PETULCADE, a systematic persecution through headbutts
  • POMIGRAMY When you think you recognize someone in public and wave at them, but then realize it’s a stranger.
  • SANTHETIC – an object made entirely of sand
  • SARTORIZEUX, (sarr-torr-i-zoh), a group of people in uniform clothing
  • SCALPITUATE covered in tiny hooks.
  • SCIATHOLIC, something that experiences pain when not exposed to light
  • SCUMBRAGE Pretending to take offense in order to solicit alms.
  • SICARITURA, the studied carelessness which lets you murder someone in broad daylight then fade into the crowds
  • UMBEVIGY, the practice of wandering aimlessly until you run into something interesting; thus; umbeviges (often referred to pejoratively as “murderhobos”)
  • USTHINDERMATE, a Rimworld colonist with the “pyromaniac” trait you have to get rid of as soon as possible :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  • USURLEAL, a deity which has parasitized another’s religion and feeds on worship not owed to it.
  • TERNDECKEL, having only one limb remaining
  • VESPUCALEGON, a neighbour who has been driven from their house or land by an infestation of wasps
  • VETANDULOSIS, the act of scarring yourself to leave physical evidence of loss-of-memory
  • VRAISEMBACHURE, a madness suffered by cartographers and DMs, which leads them to draw their maps in greater and greater detail. eventually leads to carefully sketching the veins of the individual leaves on the trees. always fatal.
  • WHIPPERLOG When a goblin jumps up, headbutting the bottom of your chin with the top of their head.
  • WINTHINGLINGEL – a mythical creature consisting of the whiskers of a shrew, the wings of a beetle, the head of a bull, the torso of a cat, the legs and various other appendages of a spider, and the tail of a scorpionfly, all at their usual sizes
  • WOODCASTER, someone who seems totally normal but flies into a rage when a specific topic is brought up


Contributed chiefly by Arnold K., Deus ex parabola, and Xenophon of Athens.

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