GLOG Class: Thief (Revised), Take 1

I’m trying to revise the GLOG classes into so that each (1) is defined more broadly/loosely, in a way that allows them to be interpreted in many ways (e.g. Inigo Montoya the Barbarian) and (2) has something to do both in and out of combat.

Starting Equipment: leather armor, dagger, one set of tools appropriate for your starting Skill (e.g. lockpicks)
Starting Skill: Roll 1d4 or choose one—1 Bandit, 2 Locksmith, 3 Pickpocket, 4 Poison.

Level abilities

  1. Always Prepared, Con Artist (minutes), +1 Helpful
  2. Lucky 1/day, Deep Pockets, Wall Crawler, +1 Stealth, +1 Helpful
  3. Backstab, Change Hands, Con Artist (hours), +1 Helpful
  4. Lucky 2/day, Con Artist (days), Great Escape, +1 Stealth, +1 Helpful

Always Prepared

In town, you may spend any amount of money to buy an Unlabeled Package, which may fill any number of slots in your inventory. When the package is unwrapped, you declare what it contains, as long as the contents are not “more” than the Unlabeled Package: they do not, collectively, take up more inventory slots, or cost more money, etc. Additionally, it must be conceivable that you could have found the items somewhere in town (e.g. you cannot open the Unlabeled Package to reveal a kind of grape which does not grow in this region and which would spoil before it could be transported here).

You can put multiple items inside a large Unlabeled Package, including smaller Unlabelled Packages. You can have up to two Unlabelled Packages at a time.

Con Artist

As long as no one can verify that what you’re saying is wrong, you can lie through your teeth and they’ll believe you for at least 1d6 [minutes / hours / days].


Once per day, you may spend a Helpful to re-roll a single chaotic roll, so long as (1) you are rolling or (2) someone is rolling against you.

Deep Pockets

Gain an additional 3 Quick Draw slots in your inventory (this increases your total maximum slots by 3).

Wall Crawler

You can climb as well without climbing gear as most people can with climbing gear. Simple climbs do not require a roll, and you could attempt to climb even the Cliffs of Insanity, where other people wouldn’t even have a chance.

It must be at least a little bit possible, however—totally sheer surfaces without any handholds cannot be climbed.


Whenever you have a situational bonus to an Attack roll, attacks that hit the enemy deal +1d6 damage.

Change Hands

At any point, you may retroactively declare that you swapped one or more items with another PC, no matter how far apart you are at that moment, so long as those items have not been “on screen” since the last time you could have conceivably swapped those items.

Great Escape

Once per day, you can automatically escape from something that is restraining you and that you could plausibly escape from. This includes grapples, mobs, pit traps, and awkward social situations, but not e.g. sealed coffins buried beneath ten feet of soil.


This is mostly based on Skerples’ Thief class, which is mostly based on Arnold K.’s version. Con Artist is from Velexiraptor’s Thief class, Change Hands is from Lynn’s Thief class, and Wall Crawler is from Type 1 Ninja’s Thief class.


I really don’t like what I’m turning out for the Thief so far, and I’m already thinking of ways to move beyond it, but I’m leaving this here so that I have something to “roll back to” if I don’t like my later revisions and want to try a different approach.

The core of the Thief here, and what I’m going to center the next revision on, is an ability to improvise and capitalize on chaos. They are tricksy bastards who can turn failure to success and vice versa, and by their second level you can usually count on them having exactly the right tool for the job.

(Well, I say “next revision,” but I’m just likely to scrap both the Thief and the Sage in place of somebody whose shtick is more generally meta bullshit: buying Unlabeled Packages, declaring that things are true because they heard it from somewhere, having flashbacks, etc)


This version of the Thief has not been playtested.

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