“AU Tom Riddle” Collection

I have a series of AU Tom Riddle fanfics on Archive of Our Own, and I used to maintain a collection of AU Tom Riddles by other authors in the description. AO3 reduced the character limit at some point, so not only can I not add stories, I can’t even edit the description now without having to remove some. Because some of the stories in my list aren’t on AO3, I’m just going to move the list over here and link to it.

All Roads Lead to Rome, by Alemantele. A choose-your-own-adventure that always ends up the same way.

Insurgere. Tom Riddle, Hufflepuff.

The Mountain Comes to Muhammad, by flugantamuso. Tom Riddle, Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Reclamation, by sam_storyteller. Tom Gaunt, professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and recovering addict (to manipulating people). Also has an Ao3 version here.

Reparabilis, by Rhyte. Tom Riddle, professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and chafing beneath Dumbledore’s watch.

Bonus entry: another fic, whose name I won’t mention because saying it involves an AU Tom Riddle at all will spoil the ending. Just save the link and wait till you’ve forgotten its origin.

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