Recommendation: A Bridge to the Quiet Planet

A Bridge to the Quiet Planet is a science fantasy novel about a pair of wizards who have been hired to take a wealthy passenger and his dangerous cargo on a one-way trip to another world, a planet-sized graveyard for dead gods. The setting is an interesting portrayal of a Classic Fantasy World that’s gotten out of the Middle Ages and through its Industrial Age, and is now sitting nice and comfy in the Space Age.

ABTTQP is weakest, not in its worldbuilding, but in how it doles out that worldbuilding to the reader. Especially in the earliest chapters, the characters sometimes talk in a way which not only seems unlike how people actually talk, but also doesn’t happen again in subsequent chapters, and it’s obvious that this dialogue turns in these directions in order to make things clearer for the reader.

That isn’t a terribly grave sin, though, and there are a number of high points to the book: The characters are well-written, possess distinct voices, and are often just *fun* to read. The magic system is interesting, without being too bizarre for a Classical Fantasy World. There are even several enjoyable deaths.

There are a couple of twists to the story, as there must needs be whenever there is a mysterious passenger with mysterious goals, but I would not say that there are any *shocks*. In the end, all that you need to do read the first paragraph of this review again. Is that the sort of thing that appeals to you? Then go ahead, buy and read, because there will be no surprises of the sort that will disrupt what drew you into the book. Likewise, if you don’t like the sound of those things then don’t read this book. With ABTTQP, you are in for exactly the kind of adventure that you are expecting, and I consider this to be, on balance, another of its strengths.

I don’t particularly like Amazon, but you can find it there and nowhere else, to my knowledge, so all I can say is that this isn’t an affiliate link.

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