Goals for 2018

This is everything that I want to accomplish in the coming year (at least in a production sense). It’s on the heavy side, but I’ve estimated the writing output necessary to achieve these goals, and it’s only a little higher than what I achieved in 2016 haha I forgot about Heroes Save the World when I did that, so it’s actually a little more than I expected.

Oh well. Let’s shoot for the stars anyway.

Successfully achieved goals will be marked with . 

Writing goals

  • 2 collections of monsters for Dungeons and Dragons.
  • 3 Sequences (39 chapters) of Heroes Save the World
  • 12 booklets, at least one of which will be a standalone resource ala The Cyclopedia of Comparative Mythology.
  • 18 posts on Salticidae Philosophiae, or one-and-a-half posts every month.
  • 28 lists of 108 things, like 108 Niche Superpowers & When They’re Useful, and 108 Encounters with Zombies (or Other Monsters).
  • 30 good outlines for short stories. By that, I mean outlines that I can feasibly use for short stories, and which I think are at least halfway good.
  • 60,000 words of short stories, probably a mixture of flash fiction and longer short stories.
    • Depending on how my other projects go, I’m planning to do a sort of NaNoWriMo for short stories in the summer.
  • A second draft of my novel The Girl Who Was Half-Imaginary, assuming that I receive feedback from my beta readers in time to overhaul the outline, etc. etc. and get to work on it.
  • Two novels (40,000+ words each), one written according to advice offered by The Better Novel Project [I’ve finally concluded that there’s no good way to adapt BNP to 40,000 words, so I’m going to do this instead], and one written however I feel like writing it.
    • I would like something worth showing other people, of course, but primarily I want to get myself out of The Worldbuilding Trap and force myself to just write.
  • Also, not that this is a goal per se, but I’m probably going to be writing 40,000-50,000 words of fanfiction for Kaiserreich, an alternate history mod for the WWII game Hearts of Iron IV, and that’s a hefty enough chunk of words that it’s probably worth mentioning here. I can sort of justify this by saying that it’s going to help me become more comfortable writing alternate history in general, but the actual fact of the matter is that I just want to write this.

Other goals

  • 3 random generators, from something simple that can just spit out a plot or idea to write when I can’t decide which one to work on, to couple of generators that I can sell. I want to get back into learning how to code, and having a concrete (if simple) goal to work toward will probably help with that.
  • 4 Kickstarter campaigns for short stories, to learn more about how far I can go with publishing short stories on this platform.
  • 260 submissions made to magazines and other publishers. I was really bad about that this year, so let’s fix that. This’ll work out to 5 submissions a week.

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